Starting Out

Child life specialists are professionals trained to address the psychosocial needs of children and families in healthcare settings. Basically, child life specialists help to explain illness, procedures, and other aspects of the hospital experience in age-appropriate ways. Child life specialists also provide play and social experiences for children of all ages in the hospital, and provide support for their siblings and families. I follow many wonderful health care blogs, but have only found a few written by child life staff. Hence the beginning of this blog.

I will be posting a little about my work in the hospital, healthcare issues relevant to the child life profession, and the fun of using play everyday. I also want to share my favorite activities, resources, and materials for working with children both in and out of the hospital. Out of deep respect for the privacy of my young patients, all of the stories about patients are fictionalized. Any mention of children, siblings or parents is fiction based on my experience working with many families.


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