Medical Bingo

bingo chip kaleidoscope

At the hospital we do a therapeutic child life activity on Medical Mondays.  I’m not sure who first coined Medical Monday, but it was in place at my hospital when I arrived and is one of my favorite parts of the week.  I enjoy planning the medical themed activities and try to rotate between arts & crafts and games.  One of the most popular activities that the kids ask for is Medical Bingo.  There are several large children’s hospitals that offer hospital bingo as a regular activity and utilize radio or TV to allow for patients to play from their rooms.  We don’t have anything that fancy in place, but everyone still has a good time. Everyone gets a bingo card and we use checkers to mark the pictures.  This way, we can use the cards again and again. Each winner picks a small prize from our treasure bin. Part of the reason I continually offer this activity is because it is such a fun family-friendly time. Parents and caregivers enjoy it almost as much as the kids. If you are interested in playing medical bingo there are several options. You can make your own, purchase the game kits developed and used at Hopkins Children’s, or download the one I created for free.  This is my current clip art version.  I have plans for a future photo version and I’ll make that available when (and if!) it is completed. Happy playing:  Medical Bingo!

Photo Credit: Scott Ableman via Flickr


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