The Blob!

We are preparing for a day full of fun outdoor and messy activities at the hospital. In order to be ready, I planned out the activities and schedule with two of my child life practicum students. They had never had the pleasure of making “gack” or “goop” or whatever you want to call the slimy, slippery, soft putty made from glue and liquid starch. Since they had never seen it before, I thought I’d share the recipe and some pictures of the process in case any of you out in cyberspace want to partake in some gooey fun.

  • White or clear school glue
  • Liquid starch (I used Sta-Flo brand, found in the laundry section)
  • Tempera or acrylic paint to color the mixture
  • Plastic cup (I used the hospital cups that have measurements on the side)
  • craft stick for stirring
  • Zip top plastic baggie for storage

Fill the cup with 3oz of glue (about 1/3 full).  Add a little bit of paint and stir with the craft stick until the mixture is the color you like.  Add about 1oz of liquid starch.  Feel free to guesstimate quantities because this process is fairly forgiving.  Stir the glue and starch mixture well.  It should start to become sticky and stringy.  Keep adding small amounts of the liquid starch until you can pick up a piece of the goop and it sticks to itself but not your hand.  At this point, put a little liquid starch on your hands and knead the gooey putty until it is stretchy but will snap if you pull quickly and forcefully. It should be able to form a ball that holds its shape briefly before relaxing into a blob. When you are ready to put the goop away for later, place a little bit of liquid starch in the zip top bag and then add the goop.  The extra bit of liquid starch will help keep the goop from getting too sticky as the glue relaxes while it sits. The goop will keep for several weeks if it is stored in an air tight container.


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