Perfect Patches!

the perfect accessory

So, a family member recently posted on Facebook that her little girl needs to wear an eye patch for a while to strengthen one eye. So, I suggested that the two of them get a little crafty and make some fun, bedazzled eye patches to make the experience more appealing.  I thought that she could use markers, stickers, puff paint, ribbons, and other collage materials to make some colorful and pretty patches.

I looked to the web for some inspiration and also for some possible patches to purchase. While I was googling, I came across the fantastic eye patch featured in the photo in a blog post from the textile designer Heather Bailey.  I am going to share a little secret: I LOVE fabric, especially cottons in colorful graphic patterns and Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden is one of my favorite fabric lines. I made my favorite tote bag with one of her fabrics a few months ago. So I was super excited to see her using her textile talents in a very child-lifey way.  I highly recommend you check out a larger photo and more detail over at Hello My Name is Heather.

Photo Credit: Heather Bailey via Flickr


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