A Pick Me Up

I met a new patient at the hospital this week: a preschool age girl getting IV medications that I will call Lila.  I spent a good bit of time with her in medical play and in the activity room and she was just such a great and timely reminder of the best parts of my job.  She and her mom have a good relationship- and I was able to help both of them feel more comfortable in the hospital.  Lila was having some anxiety when the doctors needed to examine her and also during a procedure she has weekly.  I brought in Hunter, my medical teaching doll and we did a session of open-ended medical play.  Later we did a procedural teaching.  Lila then had her procedure again and mom held Lila in a comfort position, and I was able to work with mom on reminding Lila of the steps of the procedure and engaging in distraction.  The procedure was calm. Lila didn’t need anyone to help hold and it was really rewarding to see her so proud of herself for doing her job so well.  I’ve been in many successful procedures, but something about this child and her mom really touched me.  Everything clicked, and it really made my week. Play is so amazing.


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