Conference = Child Life Community

child life necklace.jpg

A new necklace for my hospital badge!

I am super excited to be at the 30th annual Child Life Conference in Washington DC. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many specialists from all over the country and learning about programs big, small and in-between. As a single person program (currently in process to hire a second), there is always the desire to connect with other CCLS and feel like part of the child life community. There are lots of things I do to meet that need, including writing this blog. But conference is like a booster shot of inspiration and community. It is so gratifying to sit in a room of 1100 people for opening session and know that you share a common purpose. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with CCLS that work in rehab programs and small departments. I’ve found a couple of great non-profit groups like Project Sunshine that I hope to bring to my hospital. While my budget doesn’t allow for any big ticket items, it’s alway cool to see the best new tools, services, and tech available to pediatric hospitals. You can equip a multisensory room, start your own hospital tv channel, or equip your radiology department with the latest MRI video goggles for distraction. It definitely encourages you to think big!
I found a few fun new distraction toys, a great book of medical art ideas, and had a chance to create the beaded necklace in the picture. I was so excited that they chose the heart in hand as the symbol for the child life pendant because it is one of my favorite symbols and represents the service and compassion of the profession. I’ll be posting reviews in the future of some of my favorite things from confence, so stay tuned for updates!


2 thoughts on “Conference = Child Life Community

  1. Ryan Whited says:

    Do you mind sharing the name of the book of medical art ideas that you found? I am a fellow Child Life Specialist working in a new environment (hospitality house) and have been looking for a good one. Thanks!

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