Alphabet Hunt In A Jar

I spy a “K”

Here’s a super quick and inexpensive distraction game I made several years ago.  This one is a fun alphabet hunt in a jar.  You can vary the difficulty by changing the materials used. Older kids and teens can hunt to find all of the letters and younger children love to shake the jar.  I’m including a sheet that you can printout so that kids can cross off the letters as they find them.  I print onto cardstock and cut into four pieces so that the kids can decorate the backs and use them as bookmarks.


  • Medium sized clear container (I used a plastic jar with locking lid)
  • plastic perler beads (or other colorful filler)
  • alphabet beads
  • permanent glue

Sort the alphabet beads and find one of each letter.  Add the alphabet beads to your container and then add perler beads. Shake to distribute alphabet beads and leave room for beads to move within the jar.  The more perler beads you add, the more difficult it becomes to find the alphabet beads.  You can make the hunt easier by using bigger alphabet beads or by limiting the colors of perler beads (ex: if you just use shades of blue perler beads, the white alphabet stands out).  When you have the contents of the jar the way you want, add a line of permanent glue along the top of the jar.  Secure tightly and allow to dry for several hours and you are ready to go. You can add to the distraction potential of this simple tool by naming things that start with each letter you find.  Make it harder by picking a category (animals, foods, place names, etc.) Click here for the Alphabet Hunt printout. Happy distracting!

Photo Credit: zomccoy


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