Fireworks Streamers

We celebrated America’s birthday today at the hospital and the kids had fun with July 4th crafts.  They decorated red, white, and blue stars to hang in the activity room windows; and created their own flags to hang on doors. But the favorite craft for today was the Fireworks Streamer.  Since we couldn’t have real fireworks at the hospital and aren’t close enough to one of the shows, I wanted to create something bright to wave with the flags.  So, we created simple streamers from drinking straws and metallic curling ribbon. These are a quick craft and would make a great addition to birthday parties, parades and other festive events.

  • drinking straws (I used the red and blue stripe kind)
  • metallic curling ribbon (red, silver, blue)
  • tape (I used silver duct tape)
  • scissors

Cut 6-12 lengths of curling ribbon approximately 12-18 inches long in your desired colors.  The more ribbon you have, the fuller your streamer will be. Gather the ends of the ribbon together and thread them into the top of the straw about two inches.  Take a piece of tape and wrap it around the end of the straw where the ribbon enters, holding it in place. Use the edge of the scissors to curl the ribbon as you like. Enjoy waving your fireworks!





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