Tools of the Trade: Marshmallow Launchers

who said respiratory exercise had to be boring?

I thought I’d share one of my favorite new tools.  It is a marshmallow shooter from Kelsey’s Kids.  A simple, lightweight, plastic tube with a hole in the side to place a marshmallow inside.  You hold your finger over the hole and then…blow! The marshmallow goes flying.  This is an awesome way for kids to work on taking deep breaths and the respiratory therapists I work with love this toy.  Many patients that are hesitant to do their respiratory exercises are more than happy to play with these launchers. Since lots of patients I work with are on dietary restrictions (and leftover marshmallows can be a sticky mess), I rarely use mine with the sugary fluffy confections.  Instead, my marshmallow shooters become pom-pom shooters.  The small craft pom-poms are inexpensive and can be used again and again for target practice.  I give the kids a cupful along with the shooter.  We create a target and play away.  If some get lost under the bed or behind a cabinet, no big deal.

What makes this even better, Kelsey’s Kids is a charitable organization.  They use the proceeds from the sale of the launchers to provide crates of safe, sterile toys to children undergoing bone marrow transplant.  They also send free marshmallow launchers to hospitals, camps and clinics for kids with chronic illness.  It is a cycle of fun that I am glad I can help perpetuate. If you want a marshmallow (or pom-pom!) launcher for yourself, a kid you love, or patients you work with, you can order them for $3 a piece here.  And just for the record, I don’t have any connection to Kelsey’s Kids other than being a fan of their super fun toy.


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