A Gift List for All Ages

So, I promised several wish lists a while back and need to post them! So, here is the generic gift idea list that I created to give to members of the community that want to donate toys for our kids.  I try to include suggestions that will appeal to a wide variety of interests and developmental abilities.  I will often suggest an age group to focus on based on our census or to round out the content of our supply closet.  This list also works well for friends and family members inquiring about gift ideas for children in their lives. Happy gifting!

Gift Ideas for All Ages

Infants (0-1 year)

  • light up toys
  • musical toys
  • shakers
  • O-balls
  • crib gyms
  • musical mobiles
  • baby safe mirrors
  • baby clothes and socks
  • baby blankets
  • board or cloth books
  • lullaby and relaxation CDs

Toddler (12-36months)

  • Sorting shapes
  • Pop-up toys
  • Push toys
  • Tonka toys- trucks, cars, trains, planes, etc.
  • wooden puzzles
  • lacing toys
  • Little People, Weebles
  • animal figures (farm, wild)
  • Mr. Potato Head

Preschool (3-5 years)

  • dress up clothes
  • pretend play kits (doctor, toy food, etc)
  • Play Dough kits
  • puzzles (small 24 or 63 pieces, or large floor size)
  • simple board games (Candyland, Memory Game, Hi Ho Cherry O, Don’t Break the Ice, I Spy, etc.)
  • dolls and action figures
  • story books
  • construction toys (wooden or connecting blocks, train sets, pop beads, etc.)

School Age (6-10 years)

  • indoor sport equipment (indoor bowling, tabletop tennis, etc.)
  • basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc.
  • jumpropes
  • art projects kits
  • beads and jewelry kits
  • Legos or other detailed construction toys
  • Dolls (barbies, groovy girls, etc)
  • Action figures
  • Remote control cars, matchbox cars
  • Electronic games
  • DVDs (G, PG)
  • Radios, handheld CD players

Teens (11-18 years)

  • Gift cards- Target, WalMart, GameStop, iTunes
  • Art supplies (acrylic/watercolor paint sets, colored pencils or nice markers, scrapbooking kits, “real” art materials)
  • Journals
  • Books & Magazines
  • DVDs (PG & PG13)
  • Board games (monopoly, risk, scattergories, chess/checkers, scrabble, sorry, etc.)
  • Cards/card games
  • Nerf toys (foam dart guns, footballs etc.)
  • Indoor basketball set

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