More resources to talk to kids about scary news

televisions everywhere

televisions everywhere

Our nation is trying to understand what happened during the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday.  As we learn more about this terrible event there will continue to be constant media coverage of the shooting.  Children and teens may express concern, fear or anxiety over what they see or hear about the event.  It can be difficult for caregivers to know what to say or how to respond when kids have questions.  Luckily, many organizations have created resources and guides to help promote supportive conversations. I posted a link yesterday to the toolkit from Sesame Workshop which is geared toward children under 5.  I wanted to share a few more resources that might serve a wider audience.  Here’s a great page from PBS Parents:

I received an email from Bo’s Place, a non-profit grief support center, that shared links to some really good resources for talking with kids about a tragedy.  I think that these webpages would work well as parent handouts to place in a family lounge or educational bulletin board.  While the information is geared toward helping kids cope with a national tragedy, the advice is also just good information on how to have conversations and provide support when kids express worries or fears.  Here are the links I received from Bo’s Place:

Let’s reach out and share information on how to help kids express feelings and cope.  Please feel free to share other resources in comments.

Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Flickr


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