All About Me Posters

you don't say!

you don’t say!

It’s 2013? Really?

At the hospital we have been reviewing policies, completing end-of-year paperwork,  setting goals and lots of other administrative stuff.  I’ve felt a bit buried in paper and meetings.  While not my favorite time of year or favorite part of my job, it is necessary and will help Child Life grow at my little hospital.  In the midst of this I’ve designed a few fun things lately and thought I’d share with everyone here on the blog.  I’ve created two “all about me” posters for use with patients.  They are generic enough that they could also be used with siblings.  One poster has a star border and was created with school-age kids in mind, and the other has a comic book feel and was created for teens.  The teen one is title “Get to know…” because I felt that sounded a little more age-appropriate.  Both posters are formatted for printing on 11×17 (tabloid) size paper but can easily be used and printed on 8.5×11 paper.  As always, I am making these freely available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license.  I hope that these prove useful and I’d love to hear from you in the comments section if you use them with patients.  Happy 2013!

Photo Credit:  Mohammed Alnaser via Flickr


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