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express yourself

express yourself

I’ve neglected the blog for a while and I’ve missed it!  I feel like 2013 is moving at warp speed.  I’m trying to stop and pay attention to the things I enjoy along the way and prescription for play is part of that process.  I enjoy having a place to share child life thoughts, tools and techniques.

When I first started my current job, I worked with a patient (I’ll call her Sarah) that needed a lot of child life support.  She was a very bright school age child with extensive rehab needs.  I spent lots of time with Sarah during treatments, procedures and therapies as she had a lot of anxiety and sometimes would have meltdowns.  We did a lot of medical play, art and open-ended doll play. Sarah had a lot of mixed emotions, particularly anger and sadness.  One of the activities that really helped her identify and eventually talk about these emotions was creating a feelings book.  I created a simple folded book for her called “My Book of Feelings”.  It was a great way to begin a conversation on different emotions and I have since used it with several patients.  Now, I’m sharing it here with you.

It is a very basic book that is geared toward patients 5-10yrs.  The patient has a space to decorate  the front cover and then on the inside page it says “Sometimes I feel…”.  Each page has an emotion: happy, sad, angry, silly, worried, etc.  I tried to alternate “positive” and “negative” emotions.  The patient can draw, write and respond to the emotion on the page in any way they like.  You can provide guidance with statements/questions like “you can draw or write what happy feels like to you”, “if happy were a color, what color would it be?”, “If happy were a song, what song would it be?”.  This book is already set up for 2-sided printing (you might have to play with the printer settings for which way it flips pages for duplex printing).  You can hole punch and tie with string or staple to bind it.  You can download the book here: My Book of Feelings


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