Child Life Conference 2013

I flew to Denver this morning for the 31st Annual Child Life Conference on Professional Issues. My husband was able to join me this year and so we took an early flight to have time to explore the city today. So far the trip is off to a fun and creative start. I got a shot of culture and playfulness at the amazing Denver Art Museum. I could spend the rest of the weekend in the museum and I don’t know if I’d have time to really see everything. The collection is massive and varied- there is something for everyone. One of the things I liked most about the museum was its family-friendly, hands-on stations scattered amongst the galleries. In addition to viewing great art you have the opportunity to reflect and create. I participated at several of these play stops and came away with three great ideas for play/craft activities.

Themed Stamp Art Postcards

Use detailed stamps with a theme to create a scene. Then color and fill in the rest of the card with colored pencils.

Metallic Twist Tie Jewelry

These twist ties were meant to connect pieces of colorful paper to create a wall “tapestry”. But I created a chain out of them. I’ll be adding a quick DIY for this later.

Finally, Create Your Own Creature Puppet

This play area had a puppet theatre and several blank felt hand puppets. There was a box of cloth and felt pieces that you adhered with velcro. You could give your puppet creature whatever eyes, ears, or decoration you wanted. I think it would be fun to adapt this for kids in the hospital by creating “germ” puppets, or feelings puppets etc.

It is great to start off conference with some expressive inspiration!


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