Peer Video Support

One of the most difficult things for many patients in the hospital is feeling alone in their experiences.  Knowing there are other youth out there going through similar procedures and treatments can help.  While I try to foster lots of face-to-face socialization, sometimes patients want specific knowledge or I don’t have a good “peer match” for them at the hospital at the right time.  In these cases technology and social media offer wonderful resources. Today, I was looking for a video to share with a patient at the hospital that was apprehensive about the possibility of getting a nasogastric (NG) tube.  You Tube to the rescue! I found a great video by Natalie (gbasp10), a young teen girl, demonstrating how she inserts an ng-tube (nasogastric tube). In the video, Natalie gathers equipment, explains the process, offer tips and gives practical and accurate advice.  I was impressed with her confident delivery and demonstration.  When combined with hands-on teaching and preparation, peer-to-peer videos can be a powerful tool in helping patients cope with new medical experiences.

Thanks Natalie for sharing your video and experience with others!


2 thoughts on “Peer Video Support

  1. Ida says:

    Beautiful. The strongest teacher is the one who has learned or is learning the skill and wants to pass it on. It’s empowering for everyone involved.

  2. brittany says:

    what a beautiful girl! you did this so well and confidently and calmly. i am so impressed and it has given me hope for my daughter who is getting her NG on friday so i am going to show her this i loved that you said everything so clearly too. well done.

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