Twist Tie Jewelry

This is a simple, quick and inexpensive craft that I “discovered” while playing with materials at a craft station at the Denver Art Museum.  All you need are twist ties, preferably metallic or fun colors.  Looking online, I’ve found them available at party, restaurant supply, and packaging material sites.  Many people use them as closures for small treat bags.

  • twist ties in metallic or fun colors
  • craft glue (optional)
  1. Wrap a twist tie tightly around your finger to form a circle.  You want the ends of the twist tie to overlap a good bit.  The smaller your circle, the stronger the “link” you will have for your chain.  Set this circle link aside.
  2. Now create another circle link the same as the first. Connect the two links by threading one link onto the other (the same way you add a key to a keychain).
  3. Keep adding links until your chain is as long as you would like. Connect the end links together to complete your chain.
  4. For added strength, you can use a small amount of craft glue to secure each link closed.

I found it very relaxing to create the twist tie chains as it was quick, repetitive, and simple.  This activity should be appealing to a wide age group, from school age to teens. The twist ties could be a choking hazard, so best to keep this activity for children that won’t accidentally ingest them.  The instructions here are for creating a linked chain, but there are almost endless variations on how one might tie, twist, weave and link them together to create patterns.  If you add in other “loose parts” like pipe cleaners, pieces of cardstock, and beads, the possibilities only multiply.  Happy creating!

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