Child Life Tech: The Human Body App by Tinybop

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I discovered this awesome app through a friend’s post on Facebook. After I investigated a bit, I was really excited to add this to my child life resources for the iPad. “The Human Body” by the design group Tinybop is a simple, kid-friendly anatomy app. Modeled after the old transparency layered human anatomy books, the app allows kids to see organ system views of the body. The illustrations are simple, but very nicely rendered and still give an interesting amount of detail. The app is designed with exploration in mind, as children navigate by choosing/creating a person and then interacting with the different organ systems. This app communicates mostly with pictures and animations, rather than words. For instance, children learn about activities like digestion by “feeding” their child avatar and then seeing the animated food bits pass through the stomach, intestines, etc. There are vocabulary labels for parts of the body that are easily turned off or on by touching a button. The anatomy terms are available in both English and Spanish, and you simply touch a button to switch between languages. If you choose to use the labels, they can “fall away” when touched and then be dragged back into place as a way to learn the names of structures.

While this is not an all-encompassing educational app, as it does not include supporting text explaining what is happening, it is an excellent way to start conversations and illustrate how parts of the body work. I love that it is geared toward children (with different male and female child-sized bodies for the avatars) without being overly “busy” or “cartoony”. Adults will still find this app interesting, and children can easily engage with or without a parent or caregiver. The Human Body app will be most useful for preschool and school age kids from about 4-11 years old. Simple, educational, imaginative and very well-designed, I highly recommend this app for parents, child life specialists, and pediatric healthcare providers!

More information is available at the Tinybop website and the app is available through the iTunes store.

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One thought on “Child Life Tech: The Human Body App by Tinybop

  1. Lisa says:

    Love this app. I especially love the parents guide that provides lots of prompts and discussion points. The app seems to follow the reverse classroom philosophy where children are expected to come up with questions and make connections. I’ll be experimenting with this one in my classroom.

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