Great Advice for Child Life Internships

Fellow child life specialist and blogger Christina Lynne at Tales of Life, Love and Ice Cream has written a wonderful post with advice for applying to child life internships.  Students often contact me through the blog or my practice website and I’m always happy to help them.  But this post gives such a good overview that I might not get as many inquiries!  I particularly like her advice on really using interviews as an opportunity to sell yourself:

4. Sell yourself. I know a lot of times it can be awkward to brag about yourself during your interview, but guess what, now’s your only time to tell us why we should pick you. We phone interview all of our potential interns (since they are applying from all over the country) and we ask them 10 questions. So you have 10 questions to sell yourself and that’s it. When I am interviewing a candidate and she is going on and on about the child life club she started at her college or the research project she completed to help better distraction in the ER, I’m not sitting there thinking, “shut up about yourself already.” Instead I’m frantically writing it all down so I can share it with the rest of my team.

So, if you want to become a child life specialist, go read all of her pointers in the post “How To Land A Child Life Internship“.  You’ll be glad you did :)


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