I Spy Handout

What do you see?

What do you see?

I love to play “I Spy” with kids as its such an easy and engaging game.  Back when this was a brand new blog, I wrote a post about using and creating I Spy pictures as distraction tools (Tools of the Trade: I Spy).  Now that I have started the private practice, I’ve been trying to come up with materials to help spread the word about my services.  I’ve created business cards, a flyer, and a postcard with an overview of services.  But I wanted to create something more medically-focused for doctor’s offices and child life specialists.  In looking back over the blog I saw my old post, and decided an I Spy card could be used as a distraction tool by parents and professionals.

So, I gathered small toys, trinkets, beads, crayons and other objects and arranged them on a white posterboard (with the matte side up to avoid reflective glare).  I started with larger objects, added smaller toys, and filled in areas with glitter pom-poms and pony beads.  I positioned the posterboard on my living room floor where there is natural light from a window.  I photographed from above using a step stool (with a bit of help from my husband :).  I chose my favorite photo and then used an image editing program (Pixelmator) to crop, size, and touch up my picture.  I created a card with the I Spy picture and list of things to find on the front and information about child life services on the back.  I’ve just ordered them and can’t wait to get them back from the printer.

Since, I’d already done the hard part I realized it would only take a tiny bit of work to create a freebie printable.  I’ve created a letter size “I Spy Handout” that you can download from my practice website.  As always, feel free to use, print and share this as much as you like as long as you attribute the source (non-commercial use only please!).

I spy with my little eye….  Free I Spy Handout


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