Teddy Bear Check-up Coloring Page

teddy bear coloring page

I’m participating in a community health fair this weekend and I’ve been busy all week preparing materials for my table.  I wanted to have a few fun sheets as handouts for young children with their parents.  I already had a word seach and an I-Spy page, but didn’t have a fun coloring sheet.  So, I made one.  I started with a photograph of a teddy bear with medical play supplies that I took for my practice website.  I changed the photo into black and white and manipulated the contrast so that the edges of objects were dark and distinct.  I printed this out and put it on a clear plastic clipboard with a blank sheet of paper on top.  I used a flashlight to backlight it a bit. I traced in pencil and fiddled with the drawing until it looked the way I wanted.  Then, I traced the pencil version again on a new sheet of paper using a permanent Micron pen.  I scanned this to create a coloring page.  Feel free to print and use for non-commercial purposes: teddy bear coloring page!


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