Quick No-Sew Ribbon Headbands

Ribbon headbands are a fun craft and so simple to make that you can create a rainbow of colors in very little time. They appeal to a wide age range and only a few materials are required. While you are “practicing” to share with patients in the hospital, why not make a few for yourself or a friend?


  • Ribbon, at least an inch wide, in your choice of color/patterns
  • Ponytail elastics, the thin “no damage” or “ouchless” kind work best
  • Scissors
  • Low temp hot glue gun or tacky craft glue
  • popsicle/craft stick or chopstick
  1. Gather all of your materials and heat your glue gun (if using).
  2. Cut the end of the ribbon so you have a straight edge.  Do not cut the ribbon from the roll yet.
  3. Lay the ribbon down on your table so that it lies flat and thread the end of the ribbon through an elastic hairband.
  4. Fold about 1-1.5 inches of the end of the ribbon over the ponytail elastic and glue the edge of the ribbon down. Use your wooden craft stick to press it down and hold it in place for a few seconds.
  5. Now, wrap the ribbon around your head (or the head of the person who will wear it) until it touches the end of the ponytail elastic.  Hold or fold the ribbon at the spot where it touches the elastic and then cut the ribbon. You should not stretch the elastic when measuring.
  6. Double check the length is right by threading the end of the ribbon through the elastic and folding over. Hold in place and try on the headband adjusting how much ribbon is folded (.5 in- 1.5in) to get the right fit.  You want the elastic to be stretching a little, but not be too tight.
  7. When you find the right fit, glue on the fold as in Step 4. You can make these even more fun by adding glitter glue, paint, or other embellishments.

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