10 Grab & Go Activities

grab and go activities picToday’s post is all about quick “grab and go” activities for kids. In the hospital, bags of crayons and activity pages are a child life staple. You can engage a kid for quite a while with paper and crayons, but it’s always fun to have a few more tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few ideas for simple activities that are relatively easy to put together, inexpensive, and can be stored in baggies to be given away. These make great projects for volunteers or community groups.


Fits in craft or snack size baggie:

1. Friendship bracelets= pre-cut embriodery floss (2-3 colors) + instructions (folded)

2. Bracelet= Small bag of beads + pipe cleaners

3. Lanyard key rings= Plastic lacing (2 colors pre-cut) + 1 split ring + instructions (folded)

Fits in sandwich or quart size baggie:
4. Origami= Origami paper + instructions (folded) for simple shapes

5. Cards= Brightly colored cardstock + stickers + crayons

6. Picture frame= cardstock frame + small bag of confetti sparkles + tube of glitter glue*

(For a no glue option use adhesive foam stickers)

7. Lei necklace= plastic straw beads + paper or fabric flower shapes + strand of yarn

8. Scratch art= piece or two of rainbow scratch paper + wooden craft stick

9. Paint pages= Paint with water pages (2-4) + q-tips (6-8) + medicine cup

10. Paper games= Tic tac toe or checkers game printed on cardstock + paper or foam bead pieces (12 pieces x 2 colors)

* I get glitter glue at my local dollar store in packs of 10 for $1. This is an easy size of glue and can substitute as an “individual size” for craft projects when you don’t want to hand out bottles or glue sticks.


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