Attention Students: Course Work Review

Be prepared to apply for a course work review

Be prepared to apply for a course work review

I received an email several days ago from the Child Life Council with information for students on the course work review service.  I wanted to share the information here to help spread the word.  The course work review is one step of the certification process.  It is not required by CLC, but is a service that is offered to students as a way of determining that they have met the course work requirements for certification prior to submitting their exam eligibility application.

Many internship sites DO require students complete the course work review as part of the application process.  Generally, internship sites only want to put time and energy into training students that will be immediately eligible to sit for the certification exam once their internship is complete.  By having students complete the course work review, they can be certain that a student’s academic preparation is sufficient for exam eligibility. So, what’s changed?  Essentially this “change” is really just an extension of a service that CLC has always offered.  The CLC is moving toward a new online Eligibility Assessment service that allows candidates to create a profile and add eligibility criteria (like courses and transcripts). It was supposed to be active this month (July 2014), but has been delayed to ensure a smooth system.  Students applying for the September internship application deadline or the November certification exam should know that they may need to apply for a course work review.  Here is a link to an article from CLC with more information:

Course Work Review: Available Through September 1, 2014




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