glitter is great medicine

Prescription for Play is a place for me to share my love of working as a child life specialist. Child life is about using play, imagination, and education to get through the new, scary, and difficult things in life. I’ll be sharing tidbits from working in the hospital, toys and resources I love, and ideas for general fun and frivolity.  This is a blog for child life specialists, child life students, and anyone that loves working with children. Let’s play!

Photo credit: Philip Dean via Flickr

About Me

teddy bear portrait smallI’m a certified child life specialist in Houston, TX. I started a private practice called Powerful Play and work with children and families at home and in the community. I teach part time as an adjunct lecturer in the human development and family studies department at the University of Houston, and I’m a volunteer grief support facilitator at Bo’s Place. I’m also a certified infant massage instructor and a certified Playmaker. I love art, craft, food, blowing bubbles, singing, and reading books of all kinds. My husband and two cats put up with my collection of toys and occasional silliness.

email: zoe@powerfulplay.net
web: http://www.powerfulplay.net
Twitter: @powerfulplaytx
Pinterest: zomccoy


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Happy to have found another CLS blogger! Looking forward to reading your posts.
    – Kristen

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